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Design On Steroids

Here at Spiffy we say staging a home is design on steroids. You don't have the luxury of looking at swatches or testing our paint and stain colors. We get the challenging homes that we have to make look like a million bucks in a matter of days. Funky floor plans, purple walls, orange floors, shag carpet from 1972... we've seen it all.

Not to mention a staging project also comes with navigating busy schedules between homeowners and realtors, pets, and tight deadlines! We are often asked, "Can you make this house look like your website? And can you do it by Thursday of this week?" SURE! No problem, we got this!

This is what makes our jobs so fun- the challenge of putting together a room under pressure, and accentuating the positive in every listing. Trust us, we have yet to have a listing that didn't have SOMETHING positive!

The living room is the size of a postage stamp: it's not small, it's cozy.

The kitchen has no storage: less storage, less clutter!

The bathroom has pink tile: PINK! We love pink. There's nothing an oushak rug can't cure!

When staging and designing, our glasses are always half full. NO matter how many odd colored walls or ancient carpets, we always find beautiful features inn a home to build upon. And once we get going, we're going to do it in super-speed mode, like design on steroids.

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