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So So Spiffy Outdoor

Revolutionizing Outdoor Living: Bridging the Gap Between Quality and Affordability

Birmingham, Alabama

April 30, 2024

In recent years, the significance of outdoor spaces has transcended mere extensions of our homes to become vital sanctuaries for relaxation, socialization, and communion with nature. However, as the demand for well-designed outdoor spaces has surged, consumers increasingly face a stark misalignment between cost and quality. 

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The soaring pieces of traditional outdoor furniture and decor options often deter individuals from creating their ideal outdoor retreats. Affordable alternatives frequently sacrifice durability and aesthetics, leaving much to be desired. 


"We refuse to compromise style and durability for a price tag," said Barbara Cooney, Founder of So So Spiffy. "Recognizing the widening gap between elegance and affordability, we embarked on a mission to provide accessible solutions through our own line of outdoor products."

Spiffy's mission is clear: to offer customers durable, visually appealing, and comfortable outdoor furnishings at an affordable price point. The journey began with Founder, Barbara, traveling overseas to collaborate with skilled artisans. After meticulous material comparisons and silhouette assessments, So So Spiffy has curated a collection of pieces designed to complete any outdoor retreat. 

"Our overseas partners are masters of their craft," Cooney continued. "Our pieces feature hand-woven wickers and ropes, meticulous details for optimal comfort, and multifunctional designs to accomodate various lifestyle needs."

Dedicated to maintaining an economically efficient price point, So So Spiffy ensures that its products are not only exquisite, but also accessible to a wide range of individuals seeking to transform their outdoor living spaces into vibrant extensions of their homes. 

By marrying craftsmanship with affordability, So So Spiffy is fostering a culture where outdoor spaces are cherished as vibrant and essential elements of modern living.

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Media Contact:

Hannah Hite

Director of Wholesale Operations

So So Spiffy


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