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Our Kids Don't Want Our Old Stuff

At Spiffy, our job is to rebrand spaces, giving them a fresh makeover. We set the "stage" for a new homeowner. With every home we complete, it's becoming overwhelmingly clear that the next generation does not want our used stuff.

Furniture, knick-knacks, that vintage prom dress you wore in the 80's... we have a plethora of old "goodies" lying around our homes that simply aren't being put to use anymore. We hold on to these used items for various reasons, telling ourselves:

"Tommy will need that headboard for college" or, "I am saving that linen press for Susie when she has her own home one day", and "Johnny might want to take that brown rug to his office when he gets a job next year."

Newsflash: Tommy, Susie and Johnny don't want any of it! So, donate, sell, or toss it if you are just waiting to unload the stuff you don't need anymore on your kids.

We keep furnishings because we talk ourselves into the logic of having them around. For example, "If I have this lovely dining table, don't I need a sideboard to accompany it in my dining room?" Hate to break it to you, but no, you don't and who said that was a rule anyways? The Sideboard Police?

Because our parents had a traditional way of arranging the house, we often carry that notion into our own homes, wanting to keep any and everything from their previous decoration scheme. Chances are, you don't even like most of the furnishings passed down to you, so don't hold on to them for the next generation.

Eliminating those dated pieces may make your home feel sparse at first, but live with it a day or two and you may start to like it. A little extra space never hurt anyone! Plus, your kids will thank you someday.

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