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We Couldn't Find It, So We Made It

Updated: Apr 9

In recent years, the significance of outdoor spaces has evolved from merely being an extension of our homes to becoming essential sanctuaries for relaxation, socializing, and connecting with nature.

However, as the demand for well-designed outdoor spaces has surged, so have the prices, often leaving consumers facing a stark misalignment between cost and quality. Many individuals find themselves deterred by the high costs associated with creating their ideal outdoor areas. Traditional outdoor furniture and decor options often come with hefty price tags, making them inaccessible to a significant portion of the population. Moreover, the quality of affordable options frequently leaves much to be desired, compromising durability and aesthetics.

We don't want you to have to sacrifice style and durability for a price tag. We have searched and searched, and we noticed this gap between elegant and affordable was only getting larger. Recognizing this gap, we embarked on a journey to provide accessible solutions through our own line of outdoor products, empowering individuals to craft their perfect outdoor oasis without breaking the bank.

Our mission is clear: to provide our customers with durable, visually appealing, and comfortable outdoor furnishings that come with an affordable price tag. Thus, began our journey. Our Founder, Barbara, traveled overseas to meet with numerous skilled artisans. After hours comparing materials, fabrics, and silhouettes, we believe we have crafted a collection of pieces that complete your outdoor retreat.

Our overseas partners are experts in their craft. Our pieces include a range of hand-woven wickers and ropes, meticulous details for ideal comfort, and multi functional pieces for those moments in life where you need your furnishings to multi-task.

Our dedication to an economically efficient price point ensures that our products are not only exquisite, but also accessible to a wide range of individuals who seek to prioritize and transform their outdoor living spaces. By intertwining the artistry of our craftsmen with affordability, we're fostering a culture where outdoor spaces are not merely neglected corners, but vibrant extensions of our homes.

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