Warehouse Warriors

Warehouse Warriors.jpg

For some reason, we thought it would be a good idea to start Warehouse Warrior Workouts on Sundays.  Now, for a profession that requires a great deal of physical work, I am not sure why we thought we needed an extra round of calisthenics (like vintage furniture, I love vintage words-like calisthenics).  Nonetheless, the entire Spiffy team was all in!  Before you get too impressed just know that we were all excited to get to the end of the workout so we could have our wine.   For the record, Wendy’s bottle was on her yoga mat during the workout. Irv would have none of the wine shenanigans. He meant business. If we were going to workout, then by gosh, we were going to workout! It was all fun and frivolity until Heidi got a little ghostly looking and Mag’s said she felt a wave of nausea coming on.  Our jump squats looked like bunny hops and our jumping jacks were jumping jills. It was great team building and no one died.  When it was over we were…well…just glad it was over.   Wine time pursued and we all forgave Irv. Margaret prayed for all of us that the Lord would let us get out of bed the next morning. The next week, we did Yoga.

If it says Libby, Libby, Libby on the Label, Label, Label….


If your heart beats a bit faster every time you drive by a grungy flea market, consider yourself a picker. My children would beg me not to stop, “Mom, NO,please, do we have to?” They dreaded the walks through those grungy, dim, musty buildings. Despite the protests, I forged ahead for the hunt. It’s the challenge of creating something cool from something that has a story. One day, as I was rooting around an old market, I found these rolled up rubber mats. They came out of an old canning manufacturer plant for Libby Fruit Cocktail. They were old rubber dye mats from the canning plant that we mounted and hung as art. The colors are amazing and they have an industrial vibe. You can actually see the Libby imprint on the mats. These pieces are art with a backstory and I think that makes it interesting. Now, if we only knew what preservatives were in that can of cocktail fruit from the 70’s! That may be interesting too!

Soso Sofa Obsessed


In our business, we are always telling our clients to purge, declutter, and eliminate! After meeting Ann Benton, I want to back off of that advice. Ann is quite possibly the coolest lady I know. Spiffy helped Ann organize and stage a few rooms of her home to get it ready to sell. Through the process, I kept admiring her amazing sofa. Now, I know that sounds weird that I would be admiring someone’s SOFA, but I’m a stager. Some people like chocolate, I like sofas. Anyway, Ann tells me the sofa was her grandmother’s and considering Ann is 83 years young….you do the math. The sofa is old. Not just old but timeless. Of course, it has been reupholstered over the years. Ann even added an extra cushion on top to update it. I was just thinking…of course, only a cool client like Ann could make a 100 year old sofa look this awesome. After Ann got settled in her new home she called and said she couldn’t fit her grandmother’s sofas in her new home. Of course, we bought it and it will be displayed in one of our homes. Now that makes me giddy to think about using this sofa to stage! Ann said she “loves that it lives on with Spiffy.” We love it too.