Realtor Relationships: The Engine to our Car


Spiffy is known for making the magic happen, turning your home from drab to fab and getting it ready to hit the market, but what about the actual selling process? Who is going to seal the deal on the sale of your home? This is where the realtors come in to play. Spiffy without a realtor by our side is like a car without an engine. Sure, Spiffy, is the shiny exterior and all the top-of-the-line interior features, but without the realtor’s driving force, this luxury car isn’t going very far. Spiffy works hand-in-hand with several of Birmingham’s top realtors to ensure that your home-selling process is hassle free and efficient! One of the realtors we’ve worked with recently was local listing agent, Lizzie Thrasher. We had a chance to sit down with Lizzie and talk all things staging related. With over 4 years experience in the industry, Lizzie has gained a critical eye for design and aesthetics. We recently worked with Lizzie on a rather colorful home, using her knowledge of the market to curate an appealing listing. Read on to find out from a relator’s perspective the benefits of staging your home and why Spiffy is the best in the business….

Q: What has your experience been with Spiffy Staging? 

  A: I have been working with Spiffy for almost a year. Every time I have Barbara come do an estimate I can see her wheels spinning and she is brimming with rich ideas. 100% of my listings that Spiffy has staged have sold or gone under contract within days of them dressing the space. 


Q: The most recent project we worked together on was a house on Old Leeds Road. From walls to accents, this house had a lot of color—very different from the neutrals we traditionally see in homes in the surrounding area. What was your perception of this? 

A: The Old Leeds house had many different colored rooms. This color scheme worked great when the seller had his furniture in the house, but when it was empty, it left many people feeling disjointed. We really needed to fill it with furniture to give a potential buyer the vision of making it a forever home.

Q: How did staging add to creating buyer’s appeal in the Old Leeds House?

A: Staging this house helped keep the "pop" of color trend continuing seamlessly from room to room.  It added a personal touch, allowing potential buyers to envision themselves living in each individual room. We had a lot of interest once the Spiffy fairies waved their magic wand!

Old Leeds House: After the Spiffy Transformation

Q: What makes Spiffy staging different from other styles of staging?  

A: The ladies’ creativity! Barbara can look at some of the most unusual spaces and make magic happen. Sometimes I wish I could peer into her mind to see how those wheels turn! And let us not forget that Barbara stages with some of her own pieces of art work. I just love that she puts her own personal touch into each space. Spiffy designs tread that fine line of luxury design with what I like to call the "ready to wear" or "ready to live" in space. Their staging doesn't come off as cold and architectural, but rather a space you can see yourself hopping on the couch to read a book with a warm cup of tea, or sitting with your kids at the posh dinner table doing a school project while supper is cooking in the kitchen. To sum up Spiffy’s vibe— functionality meets architectural digest on the most down to earth level possible.


Q: How do your clients react to empty spaces vs. staged spaces? 

A: Most clients have trouble seeing their new potential home in just four walls. By staging a home my clients can not only visualize themselves living in the home, but they begin to brainstorm how they might arrange their own furnishings once moved in. One of the best reasons to use Spiffy is EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE. So if a client falls in love with a couch that fits so nicely with the house, "Guess what?" I say, "It too can be yours!" And for a great price might I add.

One of the biggest reasons to stage your home is simply that it works. So many homes I have listed in the past flew off the market as soon as they were staged. A few months ago, I had one listing that had over 40 showings and not a single offer. The house was adorable, but the living space felt small when empty. Every comment from my realtor colleagues was "living space too small." Spiffy staged this home and brought it to life!  It sold within one week of the stage. Is that not the perfect testimonial as to why staging works? Every client that has worked with Spiffy has walked away with a smile and a paycheck.

There you have it- straight from the horse’s mouth. Staging is a sure-fire way to quickly secure the sale of your home. Realtors help us with the nitty-gritty, and we assist them in the artistic process. We are grateful to have many wonderful partnerships with realtors in the Birmingham area and are always looking to expand our network. If you are interested in connecting and doing business with us, let’s get in touch! Happy selling!