Lights, Camera, Spiffy!

You can spot them a mile away. They are the skinny legged jean wearing, pocket watch carrying, artsy-looking California movie makers. And they’re here in Birmingham as we speak (or as you read, rather). Not meaning to comment on their eccentric style as a bad thing (it’s actually quite trendy to be honest), but they just don’t have that southern vibe. In other words, you can totally tell they are from out of town. But boy are we glad they’re here! If you didn’t know, there are multiple movies filming in and around Birmingham at the moment. It’s exciting to have our majestic city as the backdrop for so many productions. Even better? Spiffy is getting her 15 minutes of fame in several of these productions. A handful of the production companies have taken advantage of Spiffy’s furniture rental service, using our pieces as furnishings for make believe spaces.

Spiffy furniture is being used to create everything from upscale New York brownstone lofts, to bohemian apartment accommodations for a slightly neurotic character…so we are told. As our furniture rentals fly out the door, we love to unravel how the pieces are going to be incorporated in to make believe worlds. Spiffy furniture began its role as a home-staging device, but it now is playing so many more characters!  Furniture rentals for the movie business are something we never expected, but we are grateful for this new opportunity. Our favorite part of the movies will be watching the credits roll and seeing our name on the big screen.  

Learn more about the upcoming movie, “Inheritance”, here!