Five Tips to Get Your Home Market Ready

1. Hire a Spiffy Stager 

  • Well of course you need to hire Spiffy! We show you the tips and tricks to make the best impression on the buyer. 

  • Spiffy's goal is your goal- to sell your home for top dollar.

  • Spiffy stagers go through your home, room by room, to give you the blueprint you need to get your home market ready. 


2. Clear Out Clutter 

  • De-cluttering is the first phase of your move. You are moving anyway, so why not go ahead and get er'done! 

  • Sort items into three piles: Keep, Donate, and Good Riddance! 

  • Box excess items and rent a short term storage unit. Don't move all your clutter boxes to an attic or garage. You are selling those spaces with the house too.


3.  Do Simple Updates 

  • Painting is your best friend to give your home a fresh look. We know it's a hassle, but consider painting a neutral color that wins over the masses. 

  • Re-caulk and re-seal bathroom and kitchen tile. 

  • Consider a deep clean and a coat of wax to give your floors a refurbished look. 


     4. Curb Appeal Is Key 

  • Cut the grass, trim the hedges, and plant the seasonal flowers that compliment the style of the home. 

  • No empty pots! A few simple, larger planters are better than multiple small pots. 

  • Dash up the front door with a fresh coat of paint or wood stain. 

  • If you have outdoor furniture, update pillows and upholstery. 


5. Roll Up Your Sleeves & Start Cleaning 

  • A deep clean is a must. This is a DEEP clean, not just a thorough vacuum and dusting. This is the "white glove" test cleaning.

  • If you don't have the time, consider hiring a cleaning crew. 

  • Pressure wash at LEAST the front walkway, porches, or patio.