Before and After Reveal: Why we LOVE it!


We are the “reveal” nation of instant gratificationers (not a word, I know). As stagers, we consider our selves to be big fans of the instant gratification phenomenon. The big reveal from a “Before and After” staging really gets our blood pumping.  We LOVE the paramount moment when a client first lays eyes on their newly staged home. It really brings us (and the client) a rush of instant gratification.

We get a lot of ‘likes’ on our Instagram with a “Before and After” reveal. I think partially because we all love instant gratification. There is a small sense of accomplishment if you can click and BAM, the room is picture perfect and you didn’t lift a finger, except to swipe right.


When Spiffy takes a mess to a masterpiece, I like to call it the “blow and show”.  We blow through a room that looks like Methuselah lived there and an hour later, you are ready to show it with a completely new look!  I mean, it is move in ready after the Spiffy furniture fairies have sprinkled their magic touch.  

Staging gives buyers the reveal they crave and need.  Don’t leave them hanging if you are selling your home. Give them the wow factor they need to BUY! Give them the Spiffy touch!