Spiffin' Up Your Holidays


They have Christmas decorations out in WALMART.

It is so annoying, right? I mean, we’ve just hit October and retailers are already planning for the end of December! Not to mention, it’s still 98 degrees out here in Birmingham, so the thought of winter festivities feels far removed. There seems to be a trend where each year, the decorations creep in earlier and earlier. Who knows, next year we may be looking at 10-foot inflatable Santa displays in August!

With festive displays around every corner of retail stores, it begs us to start thinking of our holiday plans.  However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Getting a leg up on your holiday prep before the madness of December comes has its perks! And guess what? Spiffy Home Staging is here to help!

Let us handle the stress of reorganizing and preparing your home to entertain company. Your great Aunt Noreen never liked your living room furnishings? No problem. Spiffy can bring fresh furnishings to turn your home in to a stunning social space. Your perfect cousin Marie is always on your case about organizing the kids toy room and pantry because it would “make your life so much easier like it made hers”? We can help with that too. The Spiffy gals will de-clutter and re-organize any room or cabinet in your home to get you holiday ready.

To kick off the holiday season, we have thrown together a cluster of services that we think just might help make your December a little more do-able. We can….


-Brighten your living space with fresh greenery, new accent pieces, and an artistic touch.

-Rearrange your party space. Who says you can’t move your furnishings temporarily for great party flow?

-Rent you some of our favorite pieces to add that extra elegance to your space.


-Organize your closet to maximize your wardrobe.

-Spiff up, declutter and organize your kitchen for the best holiday turkey dinner ever.


We apologize for jumping on the bandwagon and talking about the holidays months in advance, but it really is to your advantage! Let Spiffy Home Staging take on the stress of the holidays for you. Call to schedule your consult today.


Holiday Special:  $75 Consult fee ($200 value)


*Fee credited towards services provided