Selling Big With Your Small Space


I love staging small spaces. Their simplicity brings about instant gratification when I complete the job and I often find myself saying “I could totally live in a quaint space”.  However,   I had a litter of children to raise, so a 1,000 square foot tiny house was never an option for me.

Small spaces can be inviting and cozy if they are done right. Furnished wrong, they will resemble Barbie’s Dream Home. The essence of creating a tantalizing tiny space is in the details—small spaces simply don’t look livable without furnishings. This is where staging is key.  Small spaces appear even smaller when they are empty. The addition of furniture and décor creates the illusion that the room is larger than it originally appeared!


When staging a modest space, there is a delicate line of balance between the size of furniture and size of the room. We never put a small sofa in a small room. In fact, I always try to place a relatively large sofa in a little room.  I select a sofa that’s large enough to make the room feel livable.  When someone enters a space and sees and full-size comfy sofa in the room, they envision themselves living in the space.  Conversely, when someone enters a room and there is a 60’’ settee in the room and the buyer is 6’4’’…well, they just can’t picture themselves inhabiting it.  Spiffy’s job to make your space feel livable, regardless of the size of the room. Staging turns living small into BIG returns on investment.