Kidney Keen

When I renovated my home six years ago, I was seeking an expert opinion on renovating the pool, which was originally built in 1968. The pool was situated very close to the main living space of our home.  I mean, it was practically sitting in the great room. Because of its close proximity, I realized the pool was something I was going to see everyday, so I had better love it! Several pool experts suggested starting over and updating the shape and style of our backyard. They advised to go with something more “geometric”– Now how square is that? The kidney-shaped pool that graced our backyard was anything but geometric. However, it had such character and made the backyard feel welcoming so I contemplated keeping it.

kidney pool.jpg

Ultimately, I made the executive decision to leave the kidney and build around it. Today, we have chic backyard entertainment space that I recently found out has some interesting history to it! The kidney shape pool is not simply a kidney shape pool… it is an iconic midcentury look that is mod and marvelous beyond any square shape. At one point in history, they even took on a second functionality: skate parks. Skateboarders in the mid-70’s living in California quickly noticed an opportunity when a drought swept the region. California pool owners were advised to leave their pools empty to conserve water, which left them open to other uses– like skateboarding! Innovative teens such as Stacy Peralta (professional skateboarder) paved the way for a new type of skate arena– kidney shaped pools. While homeowners were not pleased at the time to find teens “tearing it up” in their empty pools, it symbolized a movement in the evolution of the skateboarding profession.

So hey, a square pool may be geometrically pleasing, but odd shaped pools have some funky feels going on. In my opinion it’s not necessarily hip to be square. I’m actually keen on kidney pool shapes.