Cuttin' A Rug

cuttin a rug.jpg

Cuttin’ a rug is an old phrase from the 1950’s that meant you were dancing like no one is watching. Uninhibited, full out, get your groove on, leave it all on the dance floor, type dancin’.  So, when I told Heidi we would be “cuttin’ a rug” she just thought it was another wing nut, off- shoot, Spiffy Team Builder dance-off idea.  Nope, I literally wanted to cut up our rugs.  Ever the optimist, Heidi replied, “Have you lost your mind! We paid a lot of money for those! We just bought them!  They are so expensive!  Are you sure? You think we should? Ok?” and finally, “Why not!”  Heidi talked through that with herself for about a minute. Off to the upholsterer I go and BAM!  Here they are.  We picked up the stools from an estate sale and I think they turned out nifty!  Makes me want to dance the jitterbug.