Wild About Willy

Wild Willy.jpg

Tooling around Round Top Texas Market is like paradise.   Round Top makes High Point or Americas Mart look like an Hermes knock off.   It was in Round Top that I spotted my first Willy Guhl spindle planter.  I had seen one just like it at an old flea market back in Birmingham.  At the time, I loved the look but had no idea what it was or its value. I just thought it was neat-o.  I couldn’t buy it because it was too big to fit into my car, so I took a pass. Fast forward a month or so to Round Top. I spot the same spindle planter and ask the dealer about it. She tells me about Willy Guhl, a famous Swiss furniture pioneer of the 50’s.  His work is all the rage this year with Restoration Hardware and the likes doing reproductions.  An original is going for about $1200.00 bucks on today’s market. Well, I couldn’t pick up the phone fast enough to tell Heidi to go back to the flea market and get the neat-o planter.  She did and $50 later we have an original Willy Guhl spindle planter.  Pretty neat-o!