Soso Sofa Obsessed


In our business, we are always telling our clients to purge, declutter, and eliminate! After meeting Ann Benton, I want to back off of that advice. Ann is quite possibly the coolest lady I know. Spiffy helped Ann organize and stage a few rooms of her home to get it ready to sell. Through the process, I kept admiring her amazing sofa. Now, I know that sounds weird that I would be admiring someone’s SOFA, but I’m a stager. Some people like chocolate, I like sofas. Anyway, Ann tells me the sofa was her grandmother’s and considering Ann is 83 years young….you do the math. The sofa is old. Not just old but timeless. Of course, it has been reupholstered over the years. Ann even added an extra cushion on top to update it. I was just thinking…of course, only a cool client like Ann could make a 100 year old sofa look this awesome. After Ann got settled in her new home she called and said she couldn’t fit her grandmother’s sofas in her new home. Of course, we bought it and it will be displayed in one of our homes. Now that makes me giddy to think about using this sofa to stage! Ann said she “loves that it lives on with Spiffy.” We love it too.