If it says Libby, Libby, Libby on the Label, Label, Label….


If your heart beats a bit faster every time you drive by a grungy flea market, consider yourself a picker. My children would beg me not to stop, “Mom, NO,please, do we have to?” They dreaded the walks through those grungy, dim, musty buildings. Despite the protests, I forged ahead for the hunt. It’s the challenge of creating something cool from something that has a story. One day, as I was rooting around an old market, I found these rolled up rubber mats. They came out of an old canning manufacturer plant for Libby Fruit Cocktail. They were old rubber dye mats from the canning plant that we mounted and hung as art. The colors are amazing and they have an industrial vibe. You can actually see the Libby imprint on the mats. These pieces are art with a backstory and I think that makes it interesting. Now, if we only knew what preservatives were in that can of cocktail fruit from the 70’s! That may be interesting too!