Think Pink

Think Pink.jpg

If you follow Spiffy, you know I love pink. It has always and forever been my favorite color.  It’s pretty convenient for me that designers seem to be loving it too.  It’s making the cover of every magazine lately. My love for pink started with Barbie, the doll that was anatomically incorrect.   My sister and I were passionate Barbie fans. We had the pink camper, the pink corvette and of course, the pink Barbie clothes.  We decorated her house in all things pink.  We spent hours browsing through our Sears Roebuck catalog picking out lamps, rugs, tables, and chairs for her fabulous dream house.  We would meticulously mix and match her décor so she could entertain in high style.  We were obsessed, to put it lightly. It was through this childhood Barbie dream land that my love for design emerged. Today, it continues to grow, one pink accent at a time. Pink is the color that says, “Hey look at me!” but not in a braggadocios way. Pink does it in a more subtle way, offering, “Hey, look at me I am pretty and sophisticated. Check me out.”  Pink also has a complex history, believe it or not. There was a time in the 1920’s where it was considered a masculine color. Years later, it swung to the opposite camp, being considered feminine. But today, pink proudly stands as a representation for both! These days pink can be masculine or feminine or whatever you want it to be.  I love that it’s a universal color now. When I’m designing, I’m often thinking pink.