Advice from the Queens of Clutter

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We call it “spinning”.  Spinning is when a person is about to sell their home and they just can’t get it together.  They spin and spin around a room, but nothing seems to take shape. They eventually land on box of pictures of their kids from an old ski trip and it’s all over for the day. Down memory lane they go and the piles of work stay just that…piles of work.   Beginning to sift through the piles of work is overwhelming. We have clients that have literally never moved.  They bought a home 50 years ago and one day find themself wanting to downsize. Of course, not everyone can call in the Spiffy Team to save the day. If you don’t have the budget to hire the Spiffy Gals for all your decluttering needs, the least we can do is offer some advice!

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Wendy says, “if you haven’t opened the box in ten years, chances are there is nothing in that box you really need….it’s not even unpacked from the last move, so chunk it.  That random crayon in the ‘everything’ drawer is broken, toss it!  That ‘J’ scrabble piece lingering on the coffee table stands for ‘junk’– throw it away.”  Wendy believes that unless that pot of dirt has Grandma Myrtles ashes in it, you can toss it.  

Betsy offers this, “Completely empty the space because it makes it easier to give away items when you have already taken it out of the space.” 

Lucy suggests to “grab a friend to help you let go of those things. They don’t have the emotional attachment that you do.  A good friend will look you in the eye and say, ‘Hey, your child is 24 and he no longer needs the pack and play!’”

Margaret says, “Don’t keep the unwanted items in the first place, give them away immediately and borrow from your packrat friends!”

We hope our expert advice motivates you to start that move. Happy organizing, from the Queens of Clutter!