That's Our Girl

That's our girl picture.jpg

Have we told you how much we love our truck, Spiffy?  If you follow us on Instagram, you probably know how much Heidi and I love her. Frankly, we are a bit obnoxious about it. We are like those proud parents who post their kids on social media.  There is even a name for it now – ”Sharenting”!  We are shameless “Sharenters”, we admit it.  Our beloved truck scoots around town with her cute pink tattoos, looking all Spiffy and such.  She is just adorable.  On our way to installs, I frequently find myself driving behind her, beaming with pride.  . Last week at a staging in Crestwood, Spiffy decided she was done for the day.  She was tired and she wasn’t going to start.  We had to get her towed the next day.  It wouldn’t have been a big deal except the towing company lost her.  Momma bear Heidi was on it!  Panic set in and after a few hours of backpedaling, the towing company found her.  They sent her to the wrong truck doctor! Good Grief.   Of course, we had to post the reunion of Momma Heidi and Barbara.  Because, as we all know, if we don’t post it, it doesn’t happen!  What a “Sharent” move!